Your Possibilities



Your Possibilities


What is
Evolutionary Astrology?

“Facing life’s lessons through the clear lens of astrology is not for the faint of heart.” – Steven Forrest, Evolutionary Astrologer, Founder of the Forrest School for Evolutionary Astrology

Evolutionary Astrology is based on the premise that we have lived many lifetimes. Your birth chart is your Soul’s map for its evolution, healing, and growth in this lifetime.

Your birth chart points to your talents, and tendencies and to where you may trip yourself up. It is beautiful and validating to know that this is the essence of who you are. It helps you to see the untruth of the stories that you were told about yourself, “I’m too emotional. I’m not emotional enough. I think too much., etc.”

What is a Holistic Coaching?

As an ICF Credentialed Coach, I act as your thinking partner. Our relationship is co-creative and thought-provoking. I create a safe, brave, and non-judgmental space that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential. I support you in finding your inspiration and rediscovering the truth of who you are. I support you in unleashing your possibilities.

The process of coaching often unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity, and leadership.

When you work with me, you set out on a path to greater personal and professional fulfillment.

Discover The Many Ways to Unleash Your Possibilities

Evolutionary Astrology

Birth Chart

Your birth chart is your Soul’s map for its evolution in this lifetime. It reveals themes in this lifetime, what your gifts are and where you self-sabotage.

Solar Return Birthday Reading

is a predictive technique that outlines the themes and trends in your life for the upcoming year. The reading looks at the year between your upcoming birthday to the next. It includes a transit reading.

Progressed/Transit Reading

is a predictive technique where your inner planets are progressed for each year of your life. It shows your evolution and the current energy that you’re experiencing. It includes a transit reading, which compares the planetary placements in the sky as of the date of your reading to your birth chart.

Healing Your Soul

is a predictive technique that outlines the themes and trends in your life for the upcoming year. The reading looks at the year between your upcoming birthday to the next. It includes a transit reading.

Vocational Astrology

Looks at your Mid-heaven, 10th house, 6th house and other birth chart placements to give you clarity on the type of work that aligns with who you are.

Holistic Coaching Session

Start your journey to greater personal and professional fulfillment as I support you in unlocking previously untapped sources of your imagination, productivity, and self-leadership.

Coach Walking Session

Available in the Windham, CT area only – Experience the benefits of a Coach Walking session where your coaching session is done while walking through the beautiful forests of Northeast Connecticut.  Awaken your creativity while refreshing your mind and body. Coach walking stimulates spontaneous inspiration, stimulates learning and response, reduces stress, and decreases inhibitions.

Evolutionary Astrology

I was up most of the night looking at my natal chart and learning soooo much about myself. Thank you for sharing this with me. It was like a light bulb went off in my brain telling me it’s OK to make choices in my life that are for ME! I have sole control of my destiny in the sense that I can make decisions that are right for me. Maybe I won’t always make the right decisions, but who does? But in the grand scheme of things I make them. WOW! I feel free!

That tension in my shoulders feels like a huge brick has been removed. I dreamt that I was floating in the sky. A feeling that I’ve never experienced. Thank you! Thank you! It really resonated with me that I have what it takes to help someone. It is a gift that I can use to share my compassion and ideas with others.

I also learned from our discussion that It’s OK to free myself from inhibition/fears, to be myself and express myself without judgment. I just wanted you to know what an impact you have had on my journey of self-discovery.

You don’t know how much your coaching has done to help me decide to be the person and do the things in this life I’m destined to

Lisa Nilsson

Susan is a FANTASTIC coach.  She coached me for about 6 months.  She was a powerful support in this time of transition and transformation.  She embodied what I understand to be the highest form of coaching: non-directive, a thinking-partner, empowering, curious, challenging, non-judgmental and, most importantly, kind, and loving.  My process with her was a slow burn – kind of subtle.  I can’t point to this or that breakthrough (although it felt like there were many) that made me feel like that’s what the made her coaching so valuable to me – what I do know is that the cumulative effect of her coaching partnership with me has been one of the keys to my success over the last 6 months.  I can’t recommend her enough.

David Gustafson

I did my coaching sessions with Susan, and I was blown away with my experience. She is a wonderful and warm coach. She listened and thoughtfully gave me feedback. Susan is very effective and gave valuable insight as to how I can reach my goals. She is thoughtful in her approach. She guides you to answers that are already inside of you but are very clear for you. With her guidance, I homed in on what I want to focus on and have an action plan to get there.

Ena Gordon

I want to thank Susan so much first off. Before I came to her I felt like my life was out of my control and in was only going to get worse but after Susan went over my natal chart with me. I have filled with relief that my life was totally in my control and that I was actually the author of my life everything that I was going through was for my growth and benefit and the obstacles that I was going through were actually blockages I manifesting. Thank you, Susan, for the understanding and Clarity I now have.

James Mahoney