I wanted to share my experience with astrology and what drew me to becoming an astrologer.

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So many people are familiar with “sun sign astrology.” This term refers to the daily horoscope you read in the paper or find online.

It is simplistic and straightforward, yet we are complex human beings.

Astrology speaks in the language of archetypes. Archetypes help us gain a quick understanding of the signs, planets, and houses in our birth chart. Archetypes are meant to be broad and simplistic. Yet, we are complex.

Astrology at its core is complex. It’s beautiful. It’s deep. It’s more than “sun sign astrology”. I’ve also heard it referred to as “McDonald’s astrology”.

You can use astrology to dive into so many different areas of your life. You can use it to see compatibility in relationships. There is predictive astrology. That will help you understand what may be happening in your life. You can also use it to understand the karmic energy you bring into this lifetime.

I’d always been familiar with my sun sign. I’m a Taurus sun. I had always felt jealous of people who are Leo suns. They would brag (a very Leo thing to do), “I’m a Leo and I’m bold! I’m courageous! Look at me, I’m awesome!”

I was thinking, well, I’m that too! I didn’t understand why I felt that way because I am a Taurus sun. That’s all I knew about my chart.

I have very Taurus qualities at my core. I’m very dependable and loyal. People say that I have grounded earthy energy.

I am also bold, and I can be courageous. I also admit that I can be dramatic and flamboyant (Also Leo qualities).

I didn’t get my natal chart read until much later in my life. When I finally did, I found out that I am a Leo ascendant and a Leo moon. This means that I do have elements of my personality that I display in a Leo way.

This was just the beginning for me. As I learned more about the placements in my chart, more of my life experience made sense. My studies to become a professional astrologer brought that more into focus.

The more I honed my craft, the more I learned about myself. I could see the broader view of my life. I saw a higher purpose for what I’ve been through. The subconscious reactions I’ve had throughout my life made sense.

I have learned self-forgiveness. I am gentler to myself and give myself grace.

Understanding your natal chart affirms what you know about yourself. It validates who you are. During our lives we’re told over and over again how we should act and what we should be. Seeing the essence of your being on paper in your chart gives you permission. It gives you permission to be your true self.

It will also shed light on areas that you don’t want to see. It highlights your blind spots. You know you have them. You don’t want to see them. You are choosing not to see them. Once they’re in front of you, it’s difficult to not acknowledge them. The beauty is, we all have free will. You get to choose if you want to work on them or let them be.

This is one of the many ways understanding your birth chart can change your view of yourself.

This is the first in a series of what my birth chart means to me. I want to share the gems that I gleaned out of it. It’s why I became an astrologer, to help other people glean those same gems. You are so much more than your sun sign!

About the author:

Susan is a Certified Cosmic Catalyst Coach, Astrologer and Reiki Master Teacher.

More people want to live in a way that is true to who they really are. At Sacred Soul Ventures, Susan helps you reconnect and rediscover who you are through astrology, coaching and energy work. You will get the clarity to move forward in your life with purpose and passion.
Come home to yourself!

Susan studied astrology under Allison Chamberlain Jones. She is currently studying Evolutionary Astrology under Tom Jacobs.

She is Reiki trained and attuned in the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition.

She is a Certified Holistic Coach through Radiant Coaches Academy and is currently pursuing her ACC credential through the International Coaching Federation.

She has a thriving practice in Willimantic, Connecticut that combines all of these modalities.

“My clients have found the courage to leave jobs that were unsatisfying and toxic. They have learned to define and assert their boundaries in a way that feels good to them. They have redefined their relationships in a way that is healthy for them. They have reconnected with parts of themselves they thought they had lost.”

Come home to yourself!

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