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“I want to thank Susan so much first off. Before I came to her I felt like my life was out of my control and was only going to get worse but after Susan went over my natal chart with me. I have filled with relief that my life was totally in my control and that I was actually the author of my life everything that I was going through was for my growth and benefit and the obstacles that I was going through were actually blockages I manifesting. Thank you, Susan, for the understanding and Clarity I now have.”

James Mahoney – Tranquility Healing

“I did my coaching sessions with Susan, and I was blown away by my experience. She is a wonderful and warm coach. She listened and thoughtfully gave me feedback. Susan is very effective and gave valuable insight as to how I can reach my goals. She is thoughtful in her approach. She guides you to answers that are already inside of you but are very clear for you. With her guidance, I homed in on what I want to focus on and have an action plan to get there.”

Ena Gordon 

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